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Specialized in forest products, terminal supports Brazilian exports

Our focus is the rational use of resources and biodiversity protection




navios__Prancheta 1 Ship terminal
barge_Prancheta 1 Barge terminal
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madeiras_ Modernization of the wood maritime terminal
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Ship terminal


• Three berths
• Quay length: 700-meter long quay
• Maximum ship length: 213.99 m
• Maximum deadweight of vessels: 70,000 metric tons
• Maximum beam: 35 m
• Maximum draught: 11.20 m of draught without using tide
• Minimum number of tugboats for maneuvering: 1
• Storage capacity: 223,552 tons
• – Four warehouses:
– Warehouse 1: 13,500 m2 – 51,485 T
– Warehouse 2: 12,096 m2 – 45,153 T
– Warehouse 3: 14,352 m2 – 55,072 T
– Warehouse 6: 16,848 m2 – 71,842 T
• Annual shipping capacity: 7,500,000 tons

To learn more technical details and information on other operating characteristics of the terminal  – anchorage, access channel, maneuvering basin, berths, etc. – click here and read NORMAP II (Operating Norms and Regulations) of the Companhia Docas do Espírito Santo (Codesa), Resolution 052.

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Barge terminal


• Three mooring berths (two berths for handling pulp and one for wood)
• Two electric land cranes to unload wood
• One Dolphin for maneuvering
• Depth of 6 m

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The terminal does not have land equipment to hoist cargo. This operation is carried out using the onboard equipment of the vessels.

The handling of pulp bales in the warehouses is done by forklifts with clamps, both for unloading trucks or wagons and stacking and subsequent transfer of cargo to the sides of the ships.

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. Pipeline: direct line to Evonik, which produces raw material in Aracruz.

. Road transport: direct connection to the main highways connecting Portocel to the states of Minas Gerais, via BR-262, and Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Bahia via BR-101. The current daily road flow is 12,000 tons of pulp and 3,000 tons of general cargo.

. Railway: connection to the railway line of the Vitória-Minas railroad (EFVM). The current daily rail flow is 4,000 tons of pulp and 1,000 tons of general cargo.

. Long haul: has a maneuvering basin measuring 460 m in diameter, and depth of 12.80 m in berths 1 and 2 and 13.50 m in berth 3. average draught of 12.20m (with a 1m tide), which enables the operation of Panamax-class ships; capacity to operate three large vessels simultaneously.

. Cabotage: daily inbound transit of ocean-going vessels with pulp and wood from Belmonte and Caravelas terminals, in Bahia.

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Modernization of the wood maritime terminal


In 2017, the modernization works in the wood maritime terminal were concluded with the replacement of the diesel-powered loading machines by two electric cranes. The 100%-renewable energy is generated by the Fibria mill in Aracruz, by burning biomass, with significant gains in sustainability and safety and a reduction in the time for unloading from barges and emission of greenhouse gases.

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Navigation and Maneuvering

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